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Revised Peony Availability Notice: As the order season for 2023 has concluded, we invite you to anticipate the arrival of our fresh and captivating peonies. Secure your orders now for exclusive delivery between October 1st and November 30th ’24, and relish in the same exceptional quality that defines our brand.

Sonoma Halo

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Introducing the captivating ‘Sonoma Halo’, a stunning Itoh peony that is sure to be a standout in any garden. With fully double, 5.5-inch diameter flowers in a beautiful shade of yellow that fades to creamy white along the outer edges, this peony is a true delight to behold. Each stem produces one bloom, with slightly ruffled petals and delicate pink flares that add a touch of elegance. The smooth, light green carpels are topped with pink stigmas, and the sheath is a lovely shade of yellow. At a height of up to 28 inches, this peony has a spreading habit but does not require mechanical support. The leaflets are typical of the tree peony parent, adding to the overall appeal. Even after the petals fall, the sepals remain, providing continued garden interest.

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