Sugar ‘n Spice


Add a touch of sweetness to your garden with Sugar ‘n Spice peonies. This single hybrid variety first bloomed in 1981 and boasts a creamy pink color with a lovely cupped form. Sugar ‘n Spice is known for its good pollen, ability to set seeds, and reliable performance. With an early bloom season and excellent stem strength, these peonies stand at 24 inches tall with dark green, heavy textured foliage that adds a lush backdrop to the delicate blooms. The fluted and lightly ruffled flowers are reminiscent of peppermint candy, sitting atop the foliage in a striking display. Sugar ‘n Spice is unaffected by the weather and always stands upright, displaying a high resistance to botrytis. This must-have variety is identified as seedling #83-3 and is sure to add a delightful touch to any garden.

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