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Lorelei is a standout hybrid peony with a remarkable blend of colors and exceptional qualities. First bloomed around 1980, this herbaceous hybrid variety exhibits a deep orange-pink color that gradually transitions to apricot-orange (RHS 24-D). Lorelei’s medium-sized bomb-shaped flowers release a sweet, spicy fragrance, adding to its allure. With good substance and reliable blooming habits, Lorelei is a peony that lives up to its promises. It boasts excellent stem strength and reaches a height of 26 inches, blooming in the midseason. Its medium green foliage, prominently veined in RHS 146A, serves as an attractive backdrop for the captivating flowers. Lorelei has received recognition for its outstanding qualities, including a Certificate of Merit in 1991. Its seedling number is 995, further emphasizing its uniqueness and appeal.

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