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Discover Juliska, an extraordinary hybrid peony that will leave a lasting impression. Although its parentage is coded as Unknown Seedling – Lactiflora of Hybrid Origin, Juliska displays characteristics reminiscent of lactiflora while exhibiting traits of a tet hybrid. First bloomed in 1982, this peony boasts large and showy double flowers in a captivating light pink hue. The unevenly notched petal margins create a ruffled appearance, and the coloration fades at the edges, resulting in a stunning dark center region. With green and smooth carpels numbering 4 to 5, and pink sigmas of normal morphology, Juliska is a true marvel. It stands tall at 42 inches (110 cm) with excellent carriage, eliminating the need for staking, making it ideal for cut flower production. Its vigorous growth and ability to recover quickly from transplanting further contribute to its appeal. Experience the enchantment of Juliska, inspired by the operetta “Maske in Blau” and the character “Juliska aus Budapest.” Order now and elevate your floral arrangements.

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