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Green Monster

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Welcome Green Monster to your floral repertoire. This remarkable hybrid peony, received on December 8, 2020, under the seedling number RAHS 7, is a testament to its unique characteristics. While the parentage is undisclosed, Green Monster first bloomed in 2014 and has been captivating ever since. With a midseason bloom period, this peony displays semi-double to double flowers measuring approximately 5 inches (12.5 cm) in size. The white petals are infused with green hues, and prominent green streaking, especially along the center, adds a distinctive touch. The petals are ruffled, somewhat twisted, and shallowly notched, creating a charmingly frilled appearance. Occasional pollen-bearing stamens with yellow filaments add an extra layer of interest. While most carpels are underdeveloped, numbering two and moderately hairy, the overall presentation is a captivating double flower. Green Monster showcases an upright growth reaching 40 inches (101 cm) in height, adding vertical appeal to your garden. Embrace the allure of Green Monster and enjoy its fragrance, making it a delightful addition to your floral collection.

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