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Gordon E. Simonson

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Meet Gordon E. Simonson, a remarkable Itoh peony that emanates elegance and beauty. With its parentage originating from unnamed Lactiflora Gp seedling and unnamed Lutea Hybrid Gp seedling, this peony first bloomed in 2000 and was first propagated in 2005. Gordon E. Simonson features semi-double to double pink flowers with a lavender cast at the center, encircling a golden ring of stamens. With an average of five smooth carpels and red stigmas and sheath, this variety showcases exquisite floral structure. The dark green foliage complements the 24-26-inch plant height, creating a visually appealing display. Although fragrance-free, Gordon E. Simonson is the first intersectional peony to bloom in the originator’s garden and the last to stop blooming. In honor of a remarkable garden friend who is soon to be 104 years old, this peony is a tribute to longevity and grace.

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