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Benefits of going with quality peonies

Dutch Grounds

Our peonies originate from Dutch soil, renowned as the largest exporter of peonies worldwide. This advantageous location grants us access to nearly every peony variety, guaranteeing both us and our customers high-quality roots.

We value our products

Each peony we export is accompanied by a comprehensive care manual, shipped using a high-quality method, and backed by our warranty in case any errors occur. We prioritize the well-being and quality of our peonies above all else, and these measures are in place to ensure they reach our customers in excellent condition.

We have experience

With extensive experience in the flower industry and a wide reach in the Dutch market, we possess valuable insights into customer preferences. Our comprehensive database includes information on peony breeds, quantities, and values from various breeders. This enables us to cater directly to individual customers through our website while upholding our commitment to quality and satisfaction.

Our Premium Peonies

Discover our exquisite collection of premium peonies, featuring 10 of the most exclusive and captivating blooms

Peonies on Uitverkoop

Discover our exquisite collection peonies on sale, featuring peonies sharply downpriced

Our most recent additions

Introducing our latest arrivals: five exquisite peonies that embody elegance and beauty, perfect for adding a touch of charm to any occasion.

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