Revised Peony Availability Notice: As the order season for 2023 has concluded, we invite you to anticipate the arrival of our fresh and captivating peonies. Secure your orders now for exclusive delivery between October 1st and November 30th ’24, and relish in the same exceptional quality that defines our brand.

Our Partners!

American Peony Society

Drawing inspiration from the American Peony Society’s wealth of information. Elevating our product descriptions with their valuable resources.

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Peony Showgarden Holland

We are grateful to Peony Showgarden Holland for providing the captivating photos featured on our website. Their stunning imagery showcases the true beauty of our peonies and enhances your browsing experience. We appreciate their collaboration and the visual inspiration they bring to our platform.

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R2 Flowers

We owe a special thanks to R2flowers for their expertise in sourcing our exquisite peonies. As intermediaries between exporters and breeders, they bring us the latest stocks, breeds, and invaluable industry insights. Their role ensures that you receive only the finest blooms, chosen with care and expertise.

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Future Peonies

Acknowledging the American Peony Society for their invaluable assistance in creating compelling product descriptions. Grateful for their expertise in enhancing our peony offerings.


We are grateful to Paeon for being the go-to resource in the peony industry. Their comprehensive platform provides essential information on every peony breed, serving as a valuable knowledge hub for peony enthusiasts worldwide.